SafeChoice Double Glazing Price Calculator

25 September 2014

Times are tough so it's more important than ever not to pay over the odds for your replacement windows and doors. But whether you're looking for double or triple glazed windows and doors for the first time or just looking to replace existing windows and doors and looking for a simple no-hassle quote, you're in the right place at
The SafeChoice Double Glazing Price Calculator is a simple multiple choice system from which you can select style, colour, size and quantity of your windows and doors, even the colour of handles and produces a cost indication in seven easy steps. 
And best of all you don’t need to give any contact details which can be very time consuming and also invasive when you haven’t asked to be contacted.  So no irritating calls badgering you to make an appointment.  Just a simple quotation system which allows you to make an informed choice and then decide if you wish to make an appointment with your local installer or visit a local showroom to obtain more information.

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