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Add a new dimension to your home with a Contemporary Glass Extension

31 May 2013

With the downturn in the economy many homeowners look to 'improve rather than move' when evaluating their current property situation; for many of us the desire to move is not necessarily driven by geography, amenities or even the property aesthetics but is often down to a simple lack of space. With growing families, more people than ever before working from home and a general desire for more living space, it's easy to see why a contemporary glass extension has become a popular solution in recent years.

Bricks and Mortar Take a Back-Seat in Favour of Sleek Glazed Extensions

A glazed extension offers the versatility and valuable additional living space that most of us desire but often without both the planning permission restraints and expense associated with a traditional bricks-and-mortar extension. A popular option that we have seen a growing number of homeowners adopt is extending their kitchen, transforming the room into a luxury wow-factor open-plan kitchen diner, gaining much needed space and light, not to mention adding value to their property. And what's more, despite their obvious ultra-modern appeal, an expertly installed glass extension needn't cost the earth and is often a lot cheaper and easier to install than you might think.


Design Considerations

When choosing a style of glass extension it's worth considering which design options are best suited to your property and lifestyle, from a striking pitched glass roof for your kitchen to a sleek glass-box living room that will seamlessly link your home and garden there are a huge range of styles to choose from and as with any significant home improvement, it's important to get it right! 
Further design considerations include whether you are likely to be overlooked by nosey (and envious!) neighbours, in which case a partially-glazed, part solid structure might be your best option. What type of roofing design would work best with your property and make the most of the available light and space? Will your glass extension include a side return? Many people have unused space to the sides of their property and a well designed glass extension with a side return is a good solution for utilising that otherwise wasted space. A further consideration is which doors to choose, how about contemporary glass sliding doors as opposed to traditional French or Patio Doors? - A set of expertly installed bi-folding doors can really deliver that wow-factor and are a great way of bringing the outside into your home and also providing ventilation on hot summer days.

Glazing Options

It's worth investing in the best quality glass that you can afford, recent advancements in glazing technology have resulted in significant improvements to both the energy efficiency of glass units but also the ability to regulate heat more effectively, thus creating a comfortable room all year round, as opposed to the first generation conservatories that were typically too hot in summer and too cold in winter. There are a number of glazing options available, including high performance coatings, coloured tints and even self-cleaning glass.

Coloured Frames

As with many of the SafeChoice double and triple glazed products, our glass extensions are also available in a variety of colour options, ranging from classic 'Cream' to 'Grey' and 'Sage Green' which has become a popular choice for period properties. The colour options aren't limited to the externally facing frames either, you can choose to have the same colour on both sides or alternatively you can have a coloured face on the outside and keep the inside pane white if that better compliments the interior design of your home.



Choosing a Supplier

Whilst we're all keen to save money don’t be tempted to cut costs by employing your local builder unless they have significant experience with glazed structures. Constructing a glass extension is a highly specialised job, so be sure to bring in an expert glazing company. 


Will you need planning permission? 

Whilst most modern glazed extensions don't require planning permission, it is always worth checking with your local planning department before starting any work, particularly if your property is listed, in a conservation area or falls within an area of outstanding natural beauty - all of which would present tighter planning regulations. A good indicator is to look at any extensions, conservatories or building that your neighbours have had done to get an idea of what home improvement work has been previously approved by your local planning department. For reference, the place that you're most likely to be granted planning permission for a glass extension is to the rear of your property but again, check with the planning office for the latest rules and regulations.
Click here for more information on SafeChoice glass extensions. 

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