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Home Security and Burglary Prevention

23 April 2014

Beat the Burglars! 

- Home Security Tips for National Home Security Day

After what seems to have been a long, dark and very wet winter, we all happily await the arrival of the warm, spring weather and the chance to head outdoors. But be mindful, because as the weather warms up so do the opportunities for crime…People start bringing out valuables, such as bicycles and lawn furniture, and leave them outside, which creates an increase in temptation for criminals. 
Research shows that in the UK, burglars strike every 40 seconds. Families with children are likely victims and in 56% of these cases, there is someone at home at the time of the crime and, 44% of these cases happen in broad daylight.  You are six times more likely to be burgled without both window locks and double locks or deadlocks on outside doors.  73% of burglars use doors to enter a property and in 3% of cases the door was unlocked!
This Spring Bank Holiday on 26th May, is National Home Security May Day, an exciting new initiative supported by Safechoice, which provides hints and tips on DIY projects to make your home more secure.  From easy-fit alarms to digital door locks, padlocks and shed alarms and step-by-step advice and ‘how to’ guides to help you improve the security of your home and garden in time for summer.

Here are some tips and advice to make your home more secure:

  • Remember to lock doors and windows
  • Fit a burglar alarm
  • Make sure your burglar alarm is visible to potential thieves
  • Keep valuables out of sight
  • When recycling fold up any packaging that offers a clue to what your home contains
  • Keep all house keys and car keys out of sight
  • Fit outside security lighting
  • Join your local neighbourhood watch scheme
  • Take care what personal information you share on social media (such as telling everyone when you are going on holiday)
  • Make your home look occupied while you are out or away on holiday
For those who want built in security, Safechoice have developed an SAC bolt system for all their windows and use a secure Yale system for doors for added safety and security and work closely with the police under the ‘Secured by Design’ scheme to make sure all our customers enjoy the best possible protection and peace of mind.

SAC Bolt System – Window Security

  • Point locking system with unique corner drive design on all windows regardless of size
  • Unique full depth Eurogroove lock-out design to maximise security performance.
  • 400% more shootbolt contact area with keep when compared to traditional flat shootbolts
  • Supaglide gear box action, tested to 100,000 cycles (equivalent to 30 years of heavy use).
  • Rigorously tested to BS7950 and beyond to achieve Secured By Design status.

Yale System – Door Security

  • 10 point locking system for maximum security and peace of mind.
  • 4 pre-compression rollers allowing door to seal prior to hooks engaging for smooth operation.
  • 3 opposing steel hooks to maximise strength. 2 anti-lift bolts preventing door lock being dislodged from keeps.
  • 1 centre latch for ease of day to day operation, incorporating dead- lock action when bolts and locks are engaged for added security.

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