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Let the light flood in!

10 June 2014

Let the light flood in and bridge the gap between home and garden with SafeChoice entrance doors.

Imagine open, wide spaces allowing air and light to flood into your home, instantly generating a contemporary look and feel? Made to provide maximum viewing areas, SafeChoice garden entrance doors add style and design to any property and can be installed where you require clear access to your patio or garden. 
Whether you want maximum opening width bi-fold doors, traditional French elegance or smooth, simple sliding doors, nothing makes a better impression than a beautifully crafted, yet affordable, uPVC patio door.  

French Doors 

Eye catching and versatile

Throw open French doors and invite the garden, terrace, balcony or country views inside.  A breath of fresh air for your kitchen, lounge, dining or bedroom, these beautifully made doors come in a range of styles, colours and finishes to blend naturally with any home.
 French Doors

Patio Doors

Practical and Robust

Bring the garden closer to the house and use it like another room.  With easy access in summer and a wonderful view in winter, a sliding patio door adds light and air to your home – all year round. They are incredibly versatile and as with all SafeChoice products, they're also available in a huge choice of colours and glazing options.
Patio Doors 

Bi-fold Doors

Innovative and visually stunning

Bi-folding doors are the ideal way to provide extra space and connect inside living to the outside world.  They can create a whole new feel for your home, linking rooms together and seamlessly joining inside living with outside space.  Versatile and aesthetically pleasing, bi-fold doors are the ideal replacement for existing patio or French doors to flood any room with natural light.
Amazingly flexible bi-fold doors, with various fold options, can open up an entire area during warm summer days or partially fold-back depending on the amount of fresh air and space you require. When closed, they offer shelter and warmth with no reduction in natural light, allowing you to stay connected to the outside from the comfort of your home.  Bi-fold doors can be fully opened, partially opened or totally closed, depending on the amount of space available.
Bi-folding Doors 
An attractive garden entrance door can make a real difference to your home both inside and out, making your home feel bigger and brighter, letting sunshine in and providing easy access to your garden. Combined with great security, our doors also offer a stunning appearance, outstanding thermal performance, and an incredibly smooth and quiet operating action. Available in a wide range of foiled finishes, both woodgrain and solid colours, and a wide range of handles, they can be designed to blend naturally with any home.

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