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Triple Glazing - The most Energy Efficient Windows you can buy...

20 October 2014

With energy bills rising by 37% over the last three years, combined with global warming and winter fast approaching, energy-efficient technologies are essential to today’s discerning homeowner and new windows is one of the most popular energy saving choices in the home. 

The benefits of installing triple glazing are vast…


On average, properties lose 10% of their heat through windows and doors, and this is even more noticeable in winter.  Installing energy efficient glazing will reduce this heat loss, keep the home warmer and reduce heating bills while also reducing noise from the outside. Safechoice uPVC triple glazed windows are amongst the very best in energy rated performance could save you up to £766 per year on your home heating bills!

Triple glazing is approximately 60% more thermally efficient than standard C-Rated aluminium double-glazing and 40% more than an A-Rated double glazed window.  Triple glaze
d windows insulate in a few different ways. Having three panes of glass triples the amount of glass that heat has to get through, slowing its movement and aiding insulation. The real insulating power, however, comes from the trapped air between the panes of glass. 

Triple glazing also reduces condensation and noise…  

The air in homes often has a high moisture content.  Whenever we cook, bathe or even breathe, we increase water vapour.  When saturated air contacts a cold surface, condensation forms, promoting bacterial growth and mould.  SafeChoice windows feature Q-lon weather seals and Warm Edge spacers reducing heat loss at the window edges making them typically 4% warmer than windows with metal spacer bars, reducing condensation by up to 80%.

If you live near a major road, under a flight path or near some vocal wildlife, noise pollution can cause irritation and sleep deprivation.  SafeChoice triple glazed windows feature two Argon Gas filled spaces sandwiching the extra glass pane, and an additional 12mm cavity. This insulation coupled with the high performance Warm Edge spacer allows our triple glazed windows to dramatically reduce external noise pollution.

The most energy efficient glass for triple glazing is low emissivity (Low-E) glass. The advantage of this type of glass is its ability to let light in but cut down on heat loss. In addition, the gap between the two panes of glass in very efficient triple glazing is filled with an inert, non-toxic gas. This gas has a greater density than air, so it more effectively reduces the heat loss from the property. All SafeChoice windows are made with Pilkington glass, providers of the leading low E glass in the UK.

With technical advances in foils and finishes you can now choose from a vast array of coloured and wood grain effect finishes for triple glazed windows to achieve an authentic timber window look but without the maintenance.

Safechoice Triple Glazed uPVC windows all come with a 10-year guarantee and are priced from £520 supplied and fitted. 

Summary of Benefits

  • Up to 60% MORE Energy Efficient
  • Maximum Energy Rated A+ Performance
  • High Security Locking bullet in as standard
  • High Acoustic Performance
  • Virtually NO Maintenance
  • FREE Comprehensive 10 Year Guarantee
  • Huge Range of Colours, Designs & Glazing Options
  • Each Window is Tailor-Made to Order
  • Wood Grain Effect Finishes Available
  • Save up to £766 per year on Home Heating Bills
For further information visit

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