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Energy Efficiency & Energy Rated Double Glazing

BFRC – What’s it all about?

The Government has set itself a specific target of ensuring all new homes built after 2016 are zero carbon. This is in addition to the general requirement of an overall carbon emission reduction as set out by the Kyoto agreement.

To highlight this topic and enable a system which is both an independent source of information and also easy to understand, the BFRC (British Fenestration Rating Council) working in conjunction with the Energy Efficiency Council, have created a performance label (sample shown left) clearly defining the energy efficiency of windows from any manufacturer.

Window Energy Rating label

Launched in March 2004, the Window Energy Rating label is similar to that used on many white goods in our homes, such as fridges and washing machines. Windows are scored on a scale of A – G, with an A rated building product being more energy efficient than one which is G rated. This allows individuals to quickly and easily choose the windows most suitable for their needs.

Energy Efficiency

All Safechoice Energy Efficient windows achieve a C Rated or better energy efficiency.

Put simply, they are the most energy efficient windows your money can buy. Decide what A,B or C rated performance you want, we’ll do the rest.

Our windows make more of ambient heat

In winter, the energy efficient coated glass used in our windows retains warmth within the home. Its also designed to exploit radiant heat energy from the sun. These properties, coupled with excellent thermal insulation, result in significant fuel savings compared to a single glazed dwelling.

  • Changing timber framed windows to Safechoice C rated windows could save £140 a year
  • Changing timber framed windows to Safechoice A rated windows could save £325 a year

Reduce condensation and noise

The air in homes has a high moisture content, Whenever we cook, bathe or even breathe, we increase water vapour.

With lower heat loss at the edges, our windows are typically 3 to 4° warmer than those with metal spacer bars, reducing condensation by up to 80%.

Whether you live near a major road, under a flight path or near some vocal wildlife, noise pollution can be a cause of major disruption. With double glazed insulation and our high performance Q-lon gaskets, our energy Efficient Windows will help reduce external noise pollution.

Using less energy means less CO2

Using energy for heating (or cooling) dramatically impacts the environment. Generating energy typically produces greenhouse gases such as CO2. The more energy we use, the more emissions we create.

By making building more efficient with windows, we can reduce energy use and prevent energy waste. In the UK alone, fitting better energy windows could reduce emissions by almost 5 million tonnes.

Solar Gain, free heat

Our energy efficient windows are manufactured using the latest technology in glass and spacer units.

This allows heat generated from your home to reflect back into the room but also trap free heat from the sun through solar gain, thus maximising thermal performance of our windows.

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