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Frequently Asked Questions

What is a Composite Door?

A Composite Door is a modern take on the traditional timber front doors. They give the appearance of traditional wooden doors but use modern materials to improve, weathering and security, but also provide a virtually maintenance free life and require no painting or varnishing.

A Safechoice Composite Door is designed to incorporate the maintenance benefits of UPVC but give you a traditional range of composite slab designs and colours to suit any home.

The UPVC outerframe provides a high performance weathering and security frame. It comes with a triple sealing system to aid weather performance. It also incorporates reinforcing within the UPVC frame. The benefit of this is that it provides rigidity to the frame and allows the locking keeps and door hinges to all be screw fixed into the reinforcement, thus improving security and year after year performance.

The Composite slab is the opening part of the door and it is this slab that is designed to give the similar appearance to timber doors. The slabs are 44mm thick and made up of a centre core that provides high performance insulation. This has a number of benefits such as increased thermal performance (heat retention) sound insulation and security. The inside and outside of the core is covered with a formed skin, this skin is what gives you the timber aesthetics. Skins are grained and coloured to suit exactly the finish you want and are available in a variety of shapes and designs.

When you view our brochure (available as a download or a print copy upon request) you will see the comprehensive range of solid and woodgrain colours. Each of these are available in a range of shapes. Each shaped slab is also available with a range of clear, obscure or patterened glass to give you that individual look.

Furthermore a range of hardware is available to further bespoke your door finish, white, gold, black or chrome finish handles and letterplates as well as numbers and knockers.

Another benefit of the composite door is its security features. Multipoint locks are provided, these provide locking bolts along the length of the door, not just the centre. The locks are thrown from inside the composite slab into the reinforced UPVC outerframe to give you maximum security at all times.

How can I get a quote for new double glazing?

Double glazing windows, doors and conservatories are bespoke made products, which are all made to order specifically for your home. Size, style, finish, hardware and glass all have an effect on the finished price.

At Safechoice we use a generic price estimator to give you an approximate cost, this is based on the average house type and based on a white product, it was calculated using data from the 'Which' report which surveyed over 2000 of its members. We did this because giving an exact quote is down to many factors and therefore very difficult to give accurately over the internet, but we understand that a price guide is important to you.

Detailed below are some of the different product options and how these effect the final price:

Style - there are numerous styles which provide a different number of openers and positions, each opener includes hardware and extra material and as such is more expensive. 

Finish - white, woodgrain or solid colours all have an effect on price. White being the lowest and colours more expensive. When upgrading to colours the additional cost is usually the same, some can be slightly more expensive. Furthermore, colours on both sides of the window are more expensive than colours on the outside only.

Security Hardware – There are so many different types of hardware available, from espagnolette to shootbolt. Most companies will sell as multi-point locking but this does not mean high security. For reference shootbolt locking (locking points around the corner as well as long the handle side of the opener) are more secure. At Safechoice all our products are supplied with the high security SAC shootbolt locking system and doors are supplied with the Yale high security locking system. Its important to compare locks when comparing different products and quotes.

Glass Styles - From plain to leaded, to Georgian bars or even astical bars (bars mounted ontop of the glass unit not inside). These all add extra cost to double glazing products.

Energy Rating – A being the highest, then B and C Ratings. C Ratings are the minimum that should be supplied into domestic dwellings and you should receive this level of efficiency as standard. Many companies now offer A Rated products, some as standard.

At Safechoice our network of Local Installers can and will discuss all of the above when calculating the finished price, as you can see from just the short description above there are lots of options to decide upon. Furthermore, it’s about seeing and touching the products, operting them to ensure you fully understand there features and benefits. All Safechoice installers have local showrooms that allow you to do just that, at your convenience.

As you can see, providing you with a ‘standard’ accurate online double glazing price or quote is difficult, but we will always do our best to ensure we provide you with the best price possible. As a result all of our local approved installers have product offers or promotions online to help give you the best deal possible. If you want to see your local SafeChoice promotion simply type your post code in the blue box and we will direct you to the nearest installer showroom or alternatively call us.

Why do I get condensation on my windows?

Many objects increase the moisture content in a room, plants, pets and even ourselves, the average person will breathe out approx. 2 litres of moisture per night. It is also standard that most keep the heating on until you go to bed, then turn off or lower the heating. This will automatically reduce the amount of moisture the air can hold.

The important note to remember is to ensure adequate ventilation to allow the warm air to escape. If you have trickle vents across the top of your windows then keep them open. Its also important to remember that you want to eliminate as much of the condensation from the room as possible, not just move it from one object to another.

Fitting energy rated double glazing with warm edge spacer will reduce the amount of condensation forming on the products as its components retain more of the internal heat and reduce ‘cold bridging’ this is the transfer of the outside cold air through to the inside of the product.

As an example a single glazed timber or metal window will have very minimal cold bridging and touching the inside of the product will feel as cold as the outside. When compared to UPVC double glazed windows which have internal chambers and the glass units has gas in-between the panes, the touch difference is considerably more. As a result, because the inside surface temperature of the product is higher, it allow the air to retain more moisture, thus reducing condensation.

Will I save money on my home energy bills by installing double glazing?

About 20% of a home’s heat escapes through windows. The savings you can make by fitting new windows will depend on the type of glass and frames on your house. But replacing all single glazed windows with A-Rated double glazing could save the average householder around £325 per year on your energy bills (so about £7,500 savings over 20 years)

To help you work out how much you could save, trade association GGF (Glass & Glazing Federation) has a useful online calculator. See for details.

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