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How do we do it? The SafeChoice components.


The spacer bar

1) Warm edge spacers

Up to 80% of a double glazed window’s energy loss occurs at the glass edge. Ordinary aluminium spacers are highly conductive. In winter they let heat escape and encourage condensation. That’s why our windows feature a warm edge spacer with advanced composite construction. They are up to 22x more efficient at preventing heat transfer around the window edge. It also has a 60-75% lower vapour transmission rate, increasing window service life.

In thermal efficiency tests with identical glazing specifications, windows with warm edge spacers outperformed windows using aluminium or foam. Slim and reflective, they don’t obstruct sightlines, but mirror the frame colour. Tested to EN1279, SafeChoice windows join over 50 million windows worldwide already using warm edge spacer technology. 

The profile

2) Q-Lon weather seals

Our windows feature the innovative Q-Lon weather seals. Offering exceptional performance over a wide temperature range, they don’t shrink or stretch. Instead they retain their original shape year after year to maintain an excellent weather seal.

The unique construction actively absorbs noise pollution, increasing acoustic performance insulation. Immune to rot, mould, mildew, UV and ozone, CFC-free Q-Lon weather seals will last the lifetime of your window.

3) Multi-chamber construction and insulated beading 

Our multi chamber construction is designed to improve strength, thermal and acoustic performance. 

4) Bevelled or featured sash, frame and beads 

The double clipped hollow glazing bead is designed to aid thermal performance.

Other features

Stainless steel friction hinges -

High performance, superior quality.

High security shootbolt locking system -

Peace of mind with ease of operation.

The glass

5) Pilkington glass

Pilkington’s range offers proven products and technologies to meet a range of Window Energy Rating and Building Regulation requirements. Providing the Leading Low E glass in the UK, Pilkington also offers a good balance of U and G values, helping your customers to retain costly energy and exploit radiant heat from the sun. Our energy efficient windows can be specified to meet the requirements of the Pilkington Energikare scheme - further assurance of the credentials of our superior double glazing window system.



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