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energy saving double glazing

Energy Efficient UPVC WindowsEnergy Rated Windows

With home energy bills continuing to soar, more people are switching to energy efficient double glazing when looking to replace their window and doors. SafeChoice windows are the best performing UPVC energy window system on the market; from styling to performance to energy saving, our advanced design will give you a comfortable, secure and energy efficient home.

Reduce wasted home energy. Reduce heating bills...

By choosing SafeChoice double glazing to replace single glazed or older double glazed units will save you money from day one. In fact, you could reduce your home heating bills by up to 20%, saving up to £325 per year!

Choose better looking windows.

Our UPVC windows feature low profiles with reflective spacers - so you can't see them at the window edge. Clear, uncluttered sightlines ensure SafeChoice windows look well proportioned, elegant and stylish. 

Reduce condensation on your windows.

The air in homes often has a high moisture content. Whenever we cook, bathe or even breathe, we increase the water vapour. When saturated air contacts a cold surface, condensation forms (i.e. condensation on your double glazing), promoting bacterial growth and mould. 

With lower heat loss at window edges our windows are typically 3-4°C warmer than those with metal spacer bars, reducing condensation by up to 80%.

Reduce external noise.

In today's world, it's difficult to avoid external noise. Whether you live near a major road, under a flight path or near some vocal wildlife, noise pollution can be a cause of major disruption. With SafeChoice double glazed window insulation and our high performance Q-Lon gaskets, our energy rated windows will help to reduce noise pollution.

SafeChoice energy rated double glazing

Reduce your carbon footprint.

Using energy for heating dramatically impacts the environment. Generating energy produces greenhouse gases such as CO2. The more energy we use, the more emissions we create. By installing replacement, energy rated double glazing we can make our homes more energy efficient, reduce energy use and also energy waste. In the UK alone, by fitting better double glazing we could reduce carbon emissions by almost 5 million tonnes!

Peace of mind guarantee. 

 To create the UK's most energy efficient window system, we combine proven technologies and components from world class suppliers. - Plus, better technology means a longer, maintenance free life and what's more, every energy rated window we install is fully guaranteed against failure for 10 years, giving you total peace of mind.


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